About EPA

The Beginning 
At a meeting on the 28th March 1976 in the School of Pythagoras St John's in Cambridge, during the 23rd Annual Meeting of the British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry, the inauguration of the European Prosthodontic Association was considered.

The following is a brief account of the discussion that took place:

The need for the Association

  • There is a need to develop understanding and improve communication in the field of Prosthodontics among European countries.
  • Information is required on the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of Prosthodontics in Europe. This is particularly true within the EU, where Specialist Practitioners from one country may soon be able to practice in another.
  • There is a need for information on the changing conditions in the field of social security as they affect Prosthodontics in other countries. A concept of the situation over the next 25 years should be developed.

Organisation of an Association Meeting

  • Meetings of the European Prosthodontic Association should be held and the venue should change from country to country.
  • The organisation and administration of the EPA meeting should be carried out by the national prosthodontic association of the host country in conjunction with its own National Prosthodontics meeting (annual conference).
  • In order to promote interest and communication, correspondents should be nominated in each country.

The Meeting Programme

Prosthodontics should include complete and partial dentures crown and bridge work and maxillofacial prosthodontics.
English was suggested as the official language for the meeting. It was also suggested that the official language should be that of the host country with English as the second language, with simultaneous translation.
A record of presentations at each meeting should be made and published in the form of Proceedings.
At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided by an overwhelming majority that a European Prosthodontic Association should be formed.

The following year the inaugural meeting was held at a conference venue in Regents Park London , attended by 122 delegates.

In 2016 the membership numbered around 770 members.